Low Carbon London

Start date: January 2011
End date: December 2014
Total funding: £28.3 million
Funding from LCNF: £21.7 million
Funding from us and partners: £6.6 million

Low Carbon London, our first LCNF project, is investigating the impact of a wide range of low carbon technologies on London’s electricity distribution network. The project is also looking at how customer demand profiles can be influenced to support the effective delivery of electricity.

Forecasts suggest that the increase in use of low carbon technologies will lead to a significant rise in the demand for electricity, particularly at peak times. Our challenge is to meet the increase without overloading the electricity network, causing faults, whilst reducing the need for costly reinforcement.

We are investigating how ‘smart grid’ technologies can be used to help meet the increased demand for electricity. Our trials are preparing for a future where electric vehicles, smart meters and local generation are common place and where businesses and individuals can play an increasing role in reducing carbon emissions.


Working with 11 partners, plus specialist suppliers, Low Carbon London is carrying out:
  • the first British trial of day-ahead electricity prices
  • one of the largest electric vehicle monitoring trials in the country
  • responsive demand contracts reducing electricity use and supporting the network at peak times
  • monitoring of electricity use from more than 6,000 smart meters
  • active network management to connect more low carbon electricity generation

Further information on the trials:
The project is also looking at how commercial solutions and innovative technology systems and IT infrastructure can be used to support the trials.


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