Smarter Network Storage

Start date: January 2013
End date: December 2016
Total funding: £18.7 million
Funding from Ofgem: £13.2 million
Our funding: £4.3 million
Funding from our partners: £1.2 million

We are undertaking trials to improve understanding of the economics of electrical energy storage. The learning gained will help improve cost effectiveness and provide a more sustainable, efficient and flexible way to reinforce networks.

There are several challenges preventing the adoption of energy storage across distribution networks. Storage used for a single application, such as network support, is typically inefficient. However, business models for maximising the value of storage are challenging to implement and evolution of regulatory frameworks is needed to better support adoption by DNOs.

  • Demonstrate how 6MW / 10MWh of lithium-ion storage can be deployed on the distribution network to support security of supply
  • Trial the multi-purpose application of storage for a range of different system benefits to help maximise value, e.g. investment deferral and ancillary services
  • Develop a new optimisation and control system and trial the commercial arrangements for shared use of energy storage

This project is trialling how energy storage could be used to defer traditional network reinforcement and evaluating additional benefits that can be gained to maximise the value, and make storage a more cost-effective alternative. In order to achieve these additional benefits, the storage will be used for a range of other system-wide services, to benefit other electricity system participants, and test both the technical and commercial aspects of these applications.

In summary this project will cover the following:

Six monthly project progress report – December 2014

Six monthly progress update to Ofgem

Overview: Smarter Network Storage - Nov 2013

Overview and update of project

Overview - Smarter Network Storage - Oct 2014

Overview and update of project

SNS4.6 Commercial Arrangements for Integrated Use of Flexibility

This report describes the implemented smart commercial arrangements for the SNS commercial operating model.

Six monthly project progress report - June 2014

Six monthly progress update to Ofgem

SNS4.13 Electricity Storage in GB: Regulatory and Legal Framework

An interim report that looks at the Regulatory and legal barriers to the introduction of distribution grid scale electrical storage.

Six monthly project progress report - Dec 2013

Six monthly progress update to Ofgem

Six monthly project progress report - Jun 2013

Six monthly progress update to Ofgem

Smarter Network Storage Brochure Oct 2013.pdf

This document gives a brief overview of the project, the purpose of the project and what it will deliver.

SNS4.12 Business Model Consultation Responses

Summary of responses to Business Model Consultation process

SNS1.2 Design and Planning Considerations Report – Oct 2013

This report details the learning relating to the practical issues and considerations in the design and planning processes for large-scale energy storage.

SNS4.11 Investment Model Template – Jul 2013

Investment models template for use with the Business Model consultation

SNS4.1 Business Model Consultation – Jul 2013

Consultation on the possible business models for energy storage ownership

SNS2.15 - Logical Architecture Design - Dec 2013.pdf

This report details the design of the Smart Optimisation and Control System, which will optimise the use of the storage device. Appendices are available upon request.

Project Direction - Dec 2012

Project direction issued to UK Power Network's by Ofgem

Bid Submission - Nov 2012

This provides an in depth overview of the project