Electric vehicles for London

Helping Londoners go electric with Source London
From press releases - 26 May 2011 09:00 AM

On 26 May 2011 the Mayor launched Source London, the UK’s first citywide electric vehicle charging point network and membership scheme. Source London will make it easier for electric vehicle owners to plug in whilst on the move, creating 1,300 publicly accessible points across the city by 2013. This means there will be more charging points than petrol stations in London – giving Londoners the confidence that they can charge their vehicle easily and more conveniently with charge points on residential streets, in supermarkets, public car parks and at shopping and leisure centres.

Annual membership of the scheme is £100, enabling cardholders to charge up at any Source London point whenever they need to. The scheme initially launches with 150 new charge points making it London’s largest single charging network. This is a significant boost in the number of publicly-accessible charge points from the existing 250, which are currently operated by a range of different localised schemes.

Benefits of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles offer a clean and green alternative to petrol and diesel powered transport. There are currently 17,000 hybrid and pure electric vehicles being used in Greater London. The Mayor wants to boost this to 100,000 and help London become the electric capital of Europe by making it easier to charge electric vehicles.

Ready to go electric?

If you are considering your next vehicle purchase, or thinking about electric cars, the Government offers a Plug-In Car Grant of 25% towards the cost of an electric vehicle, up to a maximum of £5,000, to encourage people to buy electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

To find out more, including charging point locations, current makes and models of electric vehicles, and the Mayor's EV plans for London, visit the Source London website.