Smart Grid revolution is hot topic in London

Smart Grid revolution is hot topic in London
From press releases - 26 June 2012 09:00 AM

base.png Smart Grid revolution is hot topic in London

A host of key energy figures debated the future of greener energy networks at two events hosted by UK Power Networks.

More than 150 people from the public and private sector joined a breakfast briefing and a morning workshop, both of which happened on Thursday (June 21) as part of the Base London Conference– the capital’s annual low carbon forum.

Now in its third year, Base London seeks to promote London as a global sustainable city and highlights the business opportunity from the many initiatives and programmes that are starting to make the capital function smarter and more efficiently. It was held in Tower Hill, east London.

The breakfast meeting was entitled ‘Opportunities and challenges to deliver the Smart Grid revolution’. It was chaired by UK Power Networks’ Chief Executive Basil Scarsella who was joined by Maxine Frerk, from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and Bill Easton, Director of Transaction Advisory Services at Ernst & Young and author of the recent report ‘Smart Grid: a race worth winning’

During the talk, Mr Scarsella told the audience he wants London to be at the forefront of the move towards smart grid technology, adding that he envisaged UK Power Networks playing a key role in its future implementation.

Later on, UK Power Networks, which is responsible for delivering electricity to a quarter of those living in Britain, hosted its second workshop – ‘London’s low carbon energy future: what do you need to know?’,

The discussion was chaired by journalist and broadcaster Anne McElvoy, with the panel comprising Ben Wilson, Director of Strategy and Regulation and Chief Financial Officer of UK Power Networks; Alistair Martin, Chief Strategy Officer and founder of Flexitricity, Bob Currie, Technical Director at Smarter Grid Solutions and Alex Bettencourt, Managing Director of SmartGrid Canada.

Ben Wilson said; “Both were highly successful events which allowed leading industry figures the chance to debate and discuss the smart grid revolution.

“Through a series of programmes such as 'Low Carbon London', where we are preparing the smart infrastructure and control systems required to manage future power challenges, and 'Flexible Plug and Play', which aims to enable higher volumes of carbon-free wind generation to connect to our electricity network, UK Power Networks remains committed to sustainable energy networks that will support a low carbon future.”

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Notes to editors: 
UK Power Networks distributes power to a quarter of Britain’s population through its electricity networks serving London, the South East and the East of England. The company's 5,000 employees are dedicated to delivering a safe, secure electricity supply to about eight million homes and businesses via its networks of substations, overhead lines and underground cables. 
UK Power Networks will be distributing the electricity at many venues for this year’s international sporting events. This year we are investing £360million in our electricity networks and around £1.8billion in the five years to 2015. We are also undertaking trials to ensure our electricity networks support the transition to a low carbon future.
Customers pay their bills to supply companies but UK Power Networks delivers the power across our three areas. The industry regulator Ofgem sets an allowed revenue to distribution companies so that they can maintain safe and reliable electricity supplies. If customers are unfortunate enough to be affected by a power cut or have another issue with the electricity supply to their property, they should contact UK Power Networks.