UK Power Networks project wins award

UK Power Networks today celebrated news that its Low Carbon London bid has been awarded £24.26million by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund.
From press releases - 1 August 2010 09:00 AM

UK Power Networks today celebrated news that its Low Carbon London bid has been awarded £24.26million by Ofgem's Low Carbon Networks Fund.

The company was one of four electricity distribution businesses to win awards from the new fund set up to support the country’s move to a low carbon future.

Eleven bids competed for a share of the £62million funding available to explore how new technology, operating and commercial arrangements can help electricity networks to meet the new demands of a low carbon economy, including electric vehicles and solar PV panels.

The Low Carbon London project will run from January 2011 until June 2014. In the first year, key milestones will include:

  • setting up the Low Carbon London Learning Laboratory at Imperial College London
  • establishing ground-breaking commercial contracts with industrial and commercial customers
  • the first instalment of smart meters in the Mayor’s Low Carbon Zones to kick-start customers’ participation in the project.

The funding means London’s electricity network can get ready for a future where electric vehicles, smart meters, decentralised energy, big businesses and individuals can play an increasing role in reducing carbon emissions while also saving money.

Five thousand Londoners will have smart meters fitted in their homes and major businesses will start benefitting from incentives to explore more flexible electricity consumption.

UK Power Networks will work with Transport for London and electric vehicle owner groups to explore how best to meet demand from the country’s anticipated growth in the use of electric vehicles. Further, the impact of locally generated green power on the electricity network will be tested to ensure that UK Power Networks can provide fast and cost-effective grid connections.

Basil Scarsella, Chief Executive of UK Power Networks, said: “The success of this bid is tremendous news for sustainability in London. It means we can start developing an electricity network that not only supports London’s existing and planned low carbon strategies, but can also accommodate the many different demands on the network we will face in 2020.

“We are delighted Ofgem recognised the strength of our bid and the tremendous potential London offers as the test bed for a low carbon project. Now our focus is on delivering a project that not only supports London’s low carbon ambitions, but also generates valuable learning for other electricity networks in Great Britain.”

The project will assist the Mayor of London, Transport for London and the Institute for Sustainability’s carbon reduction programmes, focusing green investment on the capital’s 10 Low Carbon Zones, electric charging points, the Green Enterprise District and RE:NEW programme.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “This is fantastic news for London's drive to lead the field in low carbon living. The best way for us to achieve this goal, is to come up with brilliantly innovative technical solutions to help us manage the city's energy usage in an integrated, smarter way. This cash boost will help us do just this across a range of innovative areas, including speeding up our work to help buildings to become more energy efficient and increasing the uptake of electric vehicles.”

UK Power Networks will be working with partners including Imperial College London,SiemensLogicaEDF EnergyNational GridSmarter Grid SolutionsEnerNOC andFlexitricity.

For further information, please contact Niamh Arnett in the UK Power Networks press office on 0845 302 7292.