Energy storage

Storage of energy is a concept that has been around for a long time however there are always new types of innovative technologies and devices emerging. We are investigating how these can be used store electricity on the distribution network and help us deliver benefits to customers.

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We installed a 200kWh energy storage system in Hemsby, Norfolk, in April 2011. This Low Carbon Networks Fund first tier project is gaining practical experience with the device.

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This project is trialling how energy storage could be used to defer traditional network reinforcement and evaluating what additional benefits can be gained in order to maximise the value and make storage a more cost-effective alternative. To achieve these additional benefits, the storage will be used for a range of other system-wide services, with both the technical and commercial aspects of these applications evaluated.

Smarter Network Storage will explore the services that are most beneficial at times when the storage is not required to provide local network support. The project hopes to provide a range of potential business models for storage, to facilitate greater uptake of storage across the industry.

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