High Voltage Technology

Electricity distributed through our high voltage (HV) Network is typically 6.6 kilovolts and above, and can be distributed through overhead lines and underground cables. We are trialling a variety of innovative technologies on the HV network to see where we can reduce faults and defer network reinforcement.

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To reduce the length of time to connect renewable generation, we will trial new control and monitoring smart technologies and smart applications.

Active Network Management
Active Network Management is the brain of the technical solution. The system is responsible for managing the output of the generators against the known network constraints. The Active Network Management System allows us to limit the generator’s export in very specific network operating conditions.

Automatic Voltage Control
We are deploying advanced Automatic Voltage control systems at March Grid substation and March Primary substation to manage voltage levels in substations with increased amounts of distributed generation connected.

Quadrature (Quad) booster
We will install and trial a Quadrature-booster at the British Sugar refinery at Wissington, Norfolk, to correct load imbalances between two parallel 33kV circuits. This is the first application of this device on a 33kV distribution network worldwide.

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Dynamic Line Rating
Dynamic Line Rating will be used on selected 33kV overhead lines within the trial area to release additional capacity headroom and facilitate distributed generation connections.

Novel Protection Scheme for reverse power flows
We will be installing novel protection schemes at March Grid and Peterborough Central Grid to overcome a specific issue associated with reverse power flow across the substation transformers.

Remote Terminal Units
We will be replacing existing Remote Terminal Units with new innovative Remote Terminal Units capable of collecting substation data and communicating to the Active Network Management system through the data protocol IEC 61850.

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