We’ve launched our Heat Packs








Heating homes and businesses around the UK accounts for around a third of total carbon emissions. That means decarbonising heat is a vital part of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. We’re determined to facilitate both. Our new Heat Packs offer tailored information and guidance on low carbon heating for specific stakeholder groups – domestic consumers, local authorities and property and business.

We’ve put the guides together to provide support to a range of customers who might be interested in learning more about decarbonising heating, or just ‘Net Zero’ in general. We also want to listen to you to make sure we are answering the questions you have, so we’ve written this guide with a wide range of interested parties in mind. We’ve also teamed up with leading organisations to make sure we’re meeting the needs and ambitions of all of our customers and stakeholders. If you have feedback or questions, please get in touch with us at