Market Intelligence

We publish quarterly reports which take an analytical and strategic view of industry trends and topics like renewable generation, electric vehicle uptake, energy storage and heating decarbonisation.

Published reports

The findings presented in each report provide us and our industry collaborators a holistic view of the current landscape. Quarterly updates allow us to actively monitor current trends and maintain an up-to-date, empirically based view of the future. With a clear picture of the immediate and future implications of the latest developments in our industry, we can take decisive action as appropriate to help us fulfill our vision of being the best-performing DNO and unlock benefits for our customers.

Facilitating the future

Produced by our in-house Business Planning team, the reports present a range of empirical insights and industry developments that help to inform UK Power Networks’ strategic decision-making. Our strategic approach to network planning is heavily influenced by our assessment of trends in electrical storage, distributed generation, electric vehicles, and electrified heating installations connecting to our networks.

Got feedback?

If you have any follow up questions or would like extra information from our market intelligence team, please get in touch with us by emailing and using the subject line ‘market intelligence’

View our data

As of our February 2021 Market Intelligence report, we’ll be releasing the underlying data for our market intelligence. You can download our data below:

Housing data

UK wide generation

Electric vehicle data

Price of fuels data

UK Power Network generation

Working together

We work closely with many other organisations that are supporting the development of the energy industry through innovation. We are committed to sharing the collective learning from these activities. Click the links to find out more about other oganisations in our industry: