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Electricity networks are at the centre of the energy transition. EVolution 2019 is our project to refine and update our EV strategy. It outlines how UK Power Networks is preparing for the electrification of transport.

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Project data

Start date: 01/01/2019
End date: 31/12/2019
Budget: N/A
Corporate Strategic Project: 2019

Electric vehicles represent one of the biggest changes to the low voltage network in history. The way we change to enable the low carbon transition is critical. We are collaborating across the company and putting innovation and customer service at the centre of our strategy.

EVolution 2019 is a company wide initiative that feeds in to our overall EV readiness approach. The project is addressing five  dynamic areas of change to ensure that UK Power Networks is fully prepared and focused for the uptake of electric vehicles. This programme of work is a
reflection of our EV strategy which was completed in 2017.


The project focuses on five key areas of work:

  1. Policy influencing and stakeholder engagement
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Procedures and standards
  4. Customer end to end process and connections offerings
  5. EV response plan and business change

We relish the challenge of enabling the electric transport revolution. EVolution 2019 will help us to optimise the overall work on EV readiness which we are already delivering. Our EV readiness programme focuses on three objectives:

  1. Inform investment and industry leading policies and standards.
  2. Deliver great customer experience.
  3. Develop a network that is prepared for the EV uptake.

By segmenting our focus into these three areas, we are taking a strategic approach to enabling the electric revolution at the lowest cost to our customers.


Through our EV projects, we have developed best-in-class forecasting. We have industry-leading forecasting tools through projects such as Recharge the Future, meaning we can predict down to unprecedented granularity when and where EV-related load will increase on our network. We are also investing £41m over four years in targeted granular network monitoring. We are installing strategically targeted Low Voltage monitoring in substations that we predict will be affected by EV load.

We have a wide portfolio of projects that look at the future impact of electric vehicles. For more information visit:

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