Electric Vehicle Forecast – Network Impact

Hot spots on the low voltage (LV) network due to high uptake of electric vehicles

UK Power Networks is playing a leading role as one of 16 industry leaders invited by The Mayor of London to join his Electric Vehicle Taskforce. The group is developing a delivery plan for electric vehicle infrastructure for 2025. The official plan was launched June 2019.

UK Power Networks is fully committed to working with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL) to achieving zero emission transport in London. As part of the electric vehicle (EV) taskforce, we produced this constraint map showing where the cheapest and quickest locations are likely to be to connect public chargers on the low voltage networks.


How does the map work?

Watch the video below to learn about the map.


When using this map

This constraint map is for information purposes only. A static data set was used and information is considered accurate at the date of publication. The constraint areas shown do not necessarily indicate inability to connect to the networks as these constraints are heavily depended on future forecast of EV uptake and various level of reinforcement works could be triggered to accommodate the required connection.

The information displayed is based upon UK Power Networks’ EV forecast as part of the innovation project – Recharge the Future. The map represents a non-smart charging scenario and an EV uptake volume aligned with Road to Zero targets. The constraint areas show the tipping point based upon deduced available headroom from distribution asset rating and maximum demand indicator (MDI). It is important to note that the areas shown indicate transformer constraints only and not including other network asset constraints. The shaded circles are estimated boundary supplied by each distribution substation. The constraint areas in each year represent the predicted hot spots in addition to the previous year(s).