We innovate to deliver progress

Our commitment to innovation makes our service more reliable, affordable, and safer for all. In our rapidly changing environment, innovation plays a key role in delivering positive change.

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How everyone benefits from innovation


Net Zero

We’re working extensively on the timely and cost-effective roll-out of low carbon technologies to benefit our customers, communities, and environment.



We’ll never lose sight of our primary responsibility to maintain a reliable network and keep the lights on for our customers.


Social benefits

We’re working extensively on the timely and cost-effective roll-out of low carbon technologies to benefit our customers, communities, and environment.

Our Innovation Strategy

Our refreshed innovation strategy comes at a time when the opportunities and challenges facing our industry have never been greater.

The detailed strategy sets out why we innovate, how we work and how we ensure our innovation work delivers value to our customers and stakeholders.


Our Heat Strategy

We have set out to become an enabler to the decarbonisation of heat for all customers. We are committed to facilitating the UK Net Zero carbon target by 2050 at the lowest cost possible.

View our Heat Strategy

Our Electric Vehicle Strategy

Road transport accounts for around 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and so the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is a key part of the puzzle in achieving Net Zero. This document sets out our strategy for the next three years, so that we can facilitate and achieve the EV growth needed to get to Net Zero.

View our Electric Vehicle Strategy
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Consumer vulnerability Strategy

Our ambition is to be a socially responsible utility in how we deliver services that support our diverse communities and customers in vulnerable circumstances, today and in the future.

View our consumer vulnerability strategy

How we innovate

How we innovate

Our innovation strategy

We’ve developed an innovation strategy that establishes our vision, focus and our approach to ideas, collaboration and roll out.

How we innovate

Facilitate a culture of innovation

We encourage a culture of innovation across all areas of the business, actively working together to gather, assess, and prioritise innovative ideas.

How we innovate

Source, review & develop ideas

Our defined approach ensures a rich stream of innovative ideas and a consistent review process to determine which to pursue.

How we innovate

Deliver innovation projects

Our rigorous and structured approach ensures the successful delivery of innovation projects from concept, through to delivery and transfer into BAU.

How we innovate

Knowledge dissemination

Innovation is only successful when we share and communicate our learnings, which we do through internal and external knowledge dissemination events.

How we innovate

Embed innovations in our daily work

Our innovations deliver quantifiable benefits when we embed the new knowledge solutions into our everyday practices to improve the way we work and serve our customers.

How we innovate

Benefits realisation

We rigorously track and report on the benefits our innovation projects deliver.

Working together

Our partners are key to helping us deliver our extensive portfolio of innovation projects. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and projects that can make a real difference and have committed to providing 75% of our Network Innovation Allowance funding to third party innovators.

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