09:04am 24 April 2020

Subject: UKPN Renewable Projects going forward Comments:

Hi I was wondering if you have any weblinks to the UKPN Renewable projects that are currently taking place or are scheduled in.

14:04pm 29 April 2020


Thank you for your question. Just to be clear - our role is to facilitate distributed generation, and help make new renewable connections as easy and simple as possible for those looking to connect. These range from small-scale rooftop solar panels to high voltage connections for wind farms. We don't currently publish a register of all the new renewable generators connected to our network, as there are thousands, however you can find out more about these kind of connections at this page: https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/electricity/distribution-energy-resources#G98. There you'll see our DG mapping tool, which does show available capacity for new renewable projects broken down by specific areas.

07:04am 21 April 2020

Subject: API for data Comments:

Hi UKPN It is great that you publish open data. However it puts the emphasis on the users to keep it up to date and relevant. Are you able to publish an API for the data so that the data can be automatically updated by those that integrate the API? Clearly you can still use a key to the API to manage who integrates. Kind regards Niall

13:04pm 29 April 2020


Thank you for your feedback! An API for our open data would certainly be a great addition, and it's certainly something we'll take into consideration moving forward with our strategic approach to digitisation and data.

10:03am 30 March 2020

Subject: Open Data Comments:

Pleased to see that UK Power Networks are doing a great job on their part towards the proposed recommendations. This journey may be long, but with all energy system partners contributing I am sure we will get their. I have not checked but I guess you will have created some links on your website to access the published data so far.

09:03am 31 March 2020


Thanks for your feedback! Reaching our goals will take cross-industry collaboration, and that's why we've launched this page. All of our available data is on the page now - access it by clicking on 'Open Data' and selecting one of the three tabs. 'Network Data', 'Facilitating Net Zero' or 'Strategy & Innovation'.

14:03pm 18 March 2020

Subject: Comments:

Firstly, it is great to see the launch of the Open Data page. I think it’s a great initiative that will support in driving forward innovation in the sector. When browsing through the site, I was looking for any available data on UKPN’s customer segmentation. For the 8.2M households and businesses served by UKPN, do you have a breakdown of how many of these customers are residential, commercial, or industrial? Is this something you would be able to put on the Open Data page?

14:03pm 18 March 2020


Thank you for your request and positive feedback! As with any new request, we'll need some time to source, collate and run our 'triage' process on the data, to make sure we can release it publicly within our guidelines. We'll take a look and if we can release the information, we will as soon as possible.