Our Collaborators

Work with us – To deliver our extensive portfolio of smart grid and innovation projects we collaborate closely with other organisations. Our partners are specifically chosen for their experience, expertise and innovative thinking as well as the support they can bring to help us develop and deliver individual elements of our projects.

Our ambition is to continue to be the most innovative DNO group in the UK, and our continual challenge is to find and develop the best ideas, cultivate a portfolio of successful innovation projects, transfer innovation solutions into business as usual as quickly as possible, and accurately measure the benefits.

Innovation does not happen in a bubble, and that is why it is so important to recognise the role of collaborating with our customers, other utilities and our wider stakeholders. We embrace good ideas, regardless of whom or where they come from. Whether you are a start-up working from home, or a multi-national company, we want to work with you to develop your innovation into a real project on our network. Below are just a handful of organisations we work with to create real benefits for our customers.

Looking forward, we need to remain agile as our customers’ needs and expectations evolve. Disruptive and rapid changes will catch many off guard, although by innovating alongside the disruptors, we prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. By continuously listening to our customers and collaborating with our peers, we can proactively develop the solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

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