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This is an innovative project carried out in consortium with other DNOs which includes SP Energy Networks, Northern Power Grid and UK Power Networks. Project is exploring alternative to Creosote which is the pre-treatement preservative used on overhead line poles. Creosote has recently been banned within UK to be used at industrial stage due to certain formulation restrictions. This project is exploring alternative to creosote.

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Project data

Start date: 01/03/2016
End date: 31/05/2022
Budget: £330,032

Creosote is the pre-treatment preservative of choice for UK Over-Head Line (OHL) wood poles and provides poles with a service life of 45-55 years. There are millions of these poles in GB. Creosote for amateur use was banned in the UK in 2003 and industrial creosote now has to conform to certain formulation restrictions. Further revision is anticipated. Identification of this alternative to creosote will therefore help to keep the cost of the distribution system down, realised in lower costs for customers.

The project identifies a suitable preservative by firstly reviewing the literature in the area to identify candidate preservative types. It then tests these preservatives by carrying out an accelerated-ageing test of wood poles treated with different preservatives; and assessing the results by analysing samples at different times during the test.

Currently, there is no alternative to creosote to be used on wood-poles to extend their lifetime. An alternative would be an innovative solution that can replace creosote.

Trialling different technologies and ageing tests on the field to develop an alternative of creosote.

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