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Distributed Ledger Technology Enabled DSO (Blockchain)

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Delivering a ‘networks view’ on Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger technologies by conducting a desk study to produce a timeline of applications within the DNO/DSO world.

What is the project about?

The project aims to achieve an in-depth appraisal of the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the energy industry. DLT based smart contracts include rules for information exchange, contract formation and value transfer among multiple entities, based on a shared ledger which is easily validated. They could reduce the cost of establishing mutual trust between multiple DER owners and network operators who have agreed to behave in certain ways. DLT could also provide a means to manage electric vehicle charging and the integration of energy storage.
This project, recognising the potential of DLT to enable the DSO transition, addresses the major technical and commercial challenges.

How we’re doing it

The project begins with a detailed review of existing distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain) and smart contracts, with particular focus on the energy sector; and a study of their design, deployment and interfaces.
It then proceeds to demonstration software and hardware implementation, in a simulation environment, enabling DNO engineering and commercial staff to gain experience and understanding of DLT applications.

What makes it innovative

The project has high potential for new learning, in particular:

  • Know-how relating to the architecture and detailed implementation of smart contract systems
  • Understanding of a broad range of potential applications including wayleave, asset management, peer to peer trading, and balancing services

Consideration of information flows required to produce effective decision support algorithms

  • Feasibility for future real application to the UK network (for example, EV smart charging platforms)
  • Scalability of DLT technology and mapping out the pathway for Network implementation

What we’re learning

What we achieved so far:

  • In-depth review is delivered covering DLT platforms, smart contract development and activity in the energy sector, providing clear description of current research landscape in the sector

What we are aiming to learn:

  • Developed, tested and verified the performance of smart contracts encoding rules for DSO-DSO and DSO-DER interactions
  • A study on the optimal adoption path for DLT solutions within the networks industry
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