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This is a research project to explore the technical and commercial feasibility of converting between gas and electricity networks to optimise the utilisation of both networks through a Dual Fuel Transport Hub. The project is partnered with Cadent Gas.

What is the project about?

The increase in electrification has led to interest in a new gas-electricity transport hub concept to leverage the potential synergies between the gas and electricity sectors. The project will explore the relevant technology and business models to develop a viable configuration that will deliver customers with clean energy at minimum cost. The hub may consist of the following:

  • Storage (e.g. hydrogen storage, battery)
  • Fuel conversion units (e.g. electrolyser, fuel cell, steam reforming)
  • Infrastructure for the appropriate low emission vehicles (e.g. powertrains in all transport segments including rail, EV charge point, hydrogen station)

How we’re doing it

The project will be carried out in 3 phases:

Phase 1: an understanding of the current state of play in this area
Phase 2: short list of possible options at concept level
Phase 3: sufficient detail to bid into a funding stream for a demonstration project

What makes it innovative

This project explores alternative powertrains in all transport segments including rail. Moreover, recent projects have mainly focused on enabling EVs or hydrogen vehicles separately but there could be synergy between them that can facilitate decarbonisation while optimising the utilisation of electricity and gas network assets.

What we’re learning

This project will propose viable designs for a gas-electricity transport hub connected to both the gas distribution networks (GDNs) and electricity distribution network operators (DNOs). There will be new learning on the appropriate technology suitable for such an interface hub; the revenue streams for the hub and the kind of network services the hub can provide to minimise the impact of decarbonisation.

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