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Firefly is aiming to trial how we can serve customers through energy efficiency. It is conducting an extensive exploration of global best practice to assess how DNO-led mechanisms and measures can save money for customers.

What is the project about?

Energy efficiency measures – such as installing energy saving technology or switching to new consumption-reducing processes – can markedly reduce demand on the network, lower carbon emissions and save money for our customers by deferring network reinforcement. We’re undertaking more research to help us understand how we and other DNOs can lead the way on energy efficiency, and to understand the extent to which energy efficiency measures can be used to defer reinforcement costs. This is the first time a holistic approach looking at DNO-led energy efficiency has ever been trialled in Great Britain.

How we’re doing it

Firefly will first conduct research to determine global best practice on energy efficiency mechanisms before assessing how each measure has worked, why, and if it could be implemented in the UK.

The project will also focus on the feasibility of each energy efficiency measure and aim to define the associated benefits. As part of this process we will study load profiles at primary and secondary grid sites and develop models to identify the areas of greatest benefit and the likely cost of implementation.If phase one proves specific measures are successful then the project may move into a phase two, which will focus on a live trial of the new processes.

Firefly will also review the existing regulatory framework and inform the role of DNOs in delivering energy efficiency in RIIO-ED2.

What makes it innovative

This type of research will be a first in the UK, and our findings will be available for other DNOs to build a effective framework for energy efficiency. With the results, we can work with customers to make targeted energy efficiency improvements that produce results and save our customers money by deferring network reinforcement.

What we’re learning

Firefly is aiming to determine:

  • Whether Energy Efficiency is a viable method to defer the need for capital investment to
    reinforce the network
  • The role of a DNO in delivering energy efficiency interventions and unlocking associated
  • The scope of a second phase (that will cover the trial of the proposed measures) and if pursuing a second phase is in customers’ interest
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