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Green City

Green City is a joint project between gas and electricity networks to explore how we can work together to help improve efficiency and reduce costs to customers.

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Project data

Start date: 01/08/2019
End date: 01/11/2021
Budget: £150,000

The project is about combining all the energy demands where possible now and in the future and matching that against low or zero carbon sources. The aim will be to design a 2050 optimised energy solution for the city that minimises the cost to the consumer. The design/designs will be costed at a feasibility level to assess solutions for this goal.

The project will take a collaborative approach involving a range of stakeholders who will be engaged to provide input in the development of scenarios for a selected city. The Wales & West Utilities Pathfinder 2050 model, which is a simple, user-friendly, and flexible energy model which can be used to allow assessment of energy demands across a specific area on an hourly basis, will be used to assess these scenarios to measure effectiveness against decarbonisation, reliability of supply and cost.

The method will include the following steps:

  1. Project Definition Workshop
  2. Produce ‘Common’ Model inputs
  3. Scenario workshop
  4. Produce Scenario Specific Inputs
  5. Local City Stakeholder Workshop
  6. Review scenarios and simulate using WWU Pathfinder 2050 model
  7. Final scenario workshop

This model, for the first time, focuses to design an energy solution (for a city or region) which minimises either costs or carbon emissions. It also uses the Future Energy Scenarios to provide look-ahead capability with regard to those factors outside the control of the energy industry, such as general economic growth and public policy decisions.

Understand how differing solutions may impact on the electricity network and to potentially see a more joined up strategy for energy overall. This will allow the Distribution Networks Operators to refresh our position on the electrification of heat based on the latest industry development and inform investment planning.

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