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UK Power Networks has completed Low Carbon London, its £28m, 4 year innovation project to investigate the impact of a wide range of low carbon technologies on London’s electricity distribution network. Low Carbon London has delivered successfully in accordance with the requirements of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund, facilitating the development of viable solutions for Distribution Network Operators to support the low carbon transition in the UK.

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Project data

Start date: 04/01/2010
End date: 31/12/2014
Total Funding: £28.3 million
Funding from LCNF: £21.7 million
Funding from UKPN and partners: £6.6 million

The extensive research, trials and analysis undertaken as part of the Low Carbon London project have been documented and are now being published for the benefit of the entire industry. The reports are split across a number of distinct themes:

  • Demand Side Response and Distributed Generation
  • Electrification of Heat and Transport
  • Network Planning
  • Future Distribution System Operator

Each report sits within the relevant theme, making it easier for you to navigate to your areas of interest.

Links to other Low Carbon London reports are provided below.  We have also published a Summary Report

We are pleased to share a very significant dataset that was collected during the Low Carbon London project. Residential Smart Meter and Dynamic Time-of-Use data from the project has been made available for download here. (note these files are extremely large)

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