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recorDER (formerly DER Asset Register)

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This is a joint NIA-funded project with us, National Grid, SPEN and blockchain software developer – Electron – as partners. The aim is to design and build a blockchain-based register of transmission and distribution system energy resources (assets) that could become a standard to use by ESO, DNOs and other energy sector stakeholders.

What is the project about?

Shared register of assets would help in the standardisation of data formats across DNOs, improving the quality of asset data and helping ESO to better forecast demand. The project has a very strong synergy with one of the Open Networks deliverables, which is also looking at the TSO-DSO shared register of assets. The significant difference is that Open Networks’ product is technology-agnostic, while recorDER focuses on blockchain technology for the hosting platform. This might introduce significant differences in the Legal compliance and the design of Governance mechanisms compared to the Open Networks work.

How we’re doing it

Project will be using the data scope defined by the ENA’s Open Networks project to assess technical suitability of blockchain to host the register of Distributed Energy Resources, receive advice on Legal compliance, establish Governance mechanisms around the register, such as hosting, data access rules etc. In the final stage of the project the data model will be developed and blockchain register prototype built.

What makes it innovative

Blockchain technology has never been previously used by the UK’s transmission or distribution network operators as a platform to host network or customer data.

What we’re learning

Applicability of blockchain technology to host an ESO-DNO register of transmission and distribution energy resources.

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