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TransPower Vehicle to Grid

TransPower will investigate network impact and flexibility services for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) from domestic, commercial and public charging through demonstrator trials and collaborative research and development.
We are involved in projects on:

  • Bus2Grid: 28 V2G buses at a North London bus garage, with a combined export capacity of 1.2MW
  • E4Future: V2G with depot based commercial fleet vehicles across the UK
  • PowerLoop: Domestic customer V2G trial involving 135 customers across our network
  • V2Street: Feasibility study of V2G on public charging networks with a local authority and a charge point provider.

Find out more about global vehicle to grid trials on our partner website, V2G-hub.

Project-on-a-Page summary

Project data

Start date: 02/04/2018
End date: 01/07/2022
Budget: £2.144m

The integration of renewable energy sources and the forecasted growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) presents a huge opportunity for distribution
networks while posing a number of technical challenges. We are determined to be at the forefront of demonstrating the effectiveness of V2G in the UK. In particular, we are aiming to explore how we can maximise benefits for customers as Distribution System Operator and learn more about the
revenue stacking potential for business. Both of these areas will be key to unlocking the commercial business case and customer offer of EVs.

As part of TransPower, we are involved in several trials covering different segments of the EV market including domestic, commercial and public transport. Through these trials we are exploring the viability of V2G to provide services to the distribution network.

A major challenge identified throughout the project to date is the complexity of the current V2G connections process. To develop a more fit for purpose approach, we developed a data-driven process to automate the assessment of domestic V2G connections called Smart Connect.

This project is the first in the UK to demonstrate Vehicle-to-Grid across a suite of V2G assets, from cars exporting at home to buses exporting at depots and cars powering lamp posts. UK Power Networks is seeking to unlock the value of vehicles being used as mobile batteries by developing new services through its DSO market that can generate revenue for customers.

Transpower sets out to establish the value of V2G flexibility and further prepare the business so that customers can benefit from it. A greater understanding and use of mobile battery assets (vehicles) has the potential to defer network reinforcement and support network resilience, facilitating the connection of additional loads and low carbon technologies.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology offers tremendous potential to integrate more low carbon energy onto the network and help manage the forecasted growth of electric vehicles in the UK. We are leading the way in demonstrating this technology and the possible revenue stacking options. TransPower will  investigate the network impact of V2G and develop vital  learnings to share with stakeholders about how we can develop a market to harness this spare capacity.

We are sharing what we learn from TransPower with a host of other organisations. Across the four trials, we’re collaborating with;

  • BYD
  • Upside
  • SSE Enterprise
  • Nissan
  • Ovo Energy
  • University of Leeds
  • Newcastle University
  • Imperial College
  • National Grid
  • NPG
  • E.On
  • Southend Council
  • Durham Council

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