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Flexible Plug and Play

UK Power Networks has completed Flexible Plug and Play, its £9.7m, 3 year innovation project to trial new technologies and commercial arrangements in order to connect distributed generation (DG), such as wind or solar power, to constrained areas of the electricity distribution network. It has delivered greater flexibility in accommodating cheaper and faster DG connections, as well as enabling previously unviable DG schemes become feasible. The Flexible Plug and Play project will deliver significant benefits for the 15 customers (over 50MW of DG) who have contracted to connect using its methods.

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Project data

Start date: 01/12/2011
End date: 31/12/2014
Budget: Total Fundng £9.7 million
Funding from LCNF: £6.7 million
Funding from UK Power Networks: £2 million
Funding from Project Partners: £1 million

The extensive research, trials and analysis undertaken as part of the Flexible Plug and Play project have been documented and have now been published for the benefit of the entire industry. There are 8 learning reports split across a number of distinct themes:

We have also published a Closedown report which provides an overview of the project’s key learning and outcomes

The flexible DG connection method is now being rolled out to other parts of the UK Power Networks distribution network. For more information please contact us at DG-Q&


Full Submission – November 2011

Project Direction – December 2011

Flexible Plug and Play

Overview – Flexible Plug and Play (November 2013)

Overview – Flexible Plug and Play (October 2014)

Capacity Quota Calculation for March Grid

Wind Integration Workshop 2013 – Commercial Arrangements (October 2013)

CiC Interruptible Connection Offer LIFO

CiC Interruptible Connection Offer QUOTA

Section 16 Interruptible Connection Offer LIFO

Section 16 Interruptible Connection Offer QUOTA

Optimal Approach for Interruptible and Firm Connections Research Paper – November 2013

Guide to Quadrature Booster – February 2014

FPP Quadrature Booster Trial & Learning Report

TechCon Asia Pacific 2013 – Quadrature Booster Full Paper (January 2013)

Smart Connection of Distributed Generation – June 2014

Telecoms Learning Event – All Presentations (June 2013)

FPP Briefing Document – Issued with the FPP Connection Offer (November 2013)

FPP Communications Platform Trial Report

FPP Dynamic Line Rating Trial Report


Biannual Progress Reports

June 2012

December 2012

June 2013

December 2013

June 2014

December 2014


CIRED Documents

CIRED 2012 – Flexible Plug and Play (May 2012)

CIRED 2013 – Active Network Management (June 2013)

CIRED 2013 – Commercial Arrangements for ANM (June 2013)

CIRED 2013 – Quadrature Booster (June 2013)

CIRED 2013 – Telecommunications Platform (June 2013)


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